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Our Fly Rod Combo Kits are thoughtfully curated to offer a blend of convenience and performance, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful fly fishing experience. These carefully curated kits are designed to offer a seamless experience for anglers of any skill level, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned guide looking to upgrade your gear. If you're a novice, our Crystal Creek combo is a budget-friendly starting point. For those seeking high performance and quality, the Flat Creek kit stands as an excellent choice. On-the-go anglers will appreciate the lightweight Fall Creek combo, perfect for backpacking excursions. If streamer fishing is your passion, the White River kit is designed for you. The Missouri River combo is the go-to choice for anglers focused on precision and accuracy. Looking for the perfect salmon fishing combo? Check out the Kenai River, and for the saltwater angler discover our Tarpon Alley kit. Best of all, these kits are delivered right to your doorstep, fully assembled and ready to go.

JHFLYCO Flat Creek Combo Kit

Performance & Quality:

Flat Creek

Get the only rod you'll ever need for just $590! This package features our most versatile fly rod, the 9'0" 5WT Yellowstone II Fly Rod along with our beautiful 5/6WT Yellowstone Grizzly Reel and all the accessories you need for a lifetime of fly fishing.

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Jackson Hole Fly Company - Crystal Creek Combo Kit perfect for beginners


Crystal Creek

Start fly fishing for less than $185! The Crystal Creek features our 9'0" 5WT Silvertip Fly Rod and our 5/6WT Silvertip II Graphite Reel, along with all the accessories you need. Dip your toe into fly fishing without breaking the bank.

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Jackson Hole Fly Company - Fall Creek Combo Kit for backpacking and streams

Light Weight:

Fall Creek

Looking for the best backpacking or creek rod setup? This package features the 7'0" 4WT Yellowstone II Rod along with our 3/4WT Yellowstone Grizzly Reel. Our easy repairs and limited lifetime warranty make this a rod you can take on adventures.

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JHFLYCO Missouri River Combo Kit

Accuracy & Precision:

Missouri River

The Missouri River Combo Kit is the ultimate package if you're looking for an exceptional casting experience! Featuring our 8'6" 5WT Yellowstone II Fly Rod along with the 5/6WT Yellowstone Grizzly Reel, this package includes everything you need to tackle dry flies and nymphs with ease.

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Jackson Hole Fly Company - White River Combo Kit for Streamer Fishing

Streamer Fishing:

White River

The White River Rod Combo Kit features the 9’0" 7WT Yellowstone II Fly Rod, and the 7/8WT Yellowstone Grizzly Reel, which is perfect for the angler who loves throwing big streamers. This powerful rod features a fast-action blank designed to generate maximum casting distance, as well as a lightweight design that ensures you're always in control.

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Salmon Chaser:

Kenai River

The Kenai River Combo Kit provides the ideal salmon fishing setup for an unparalleled experience! Featuring our 9'0" 8WT Silvertip Traveler Fly Rod along with the 7/8WT Yellowstone Grizzly Reel, this package includes everything you need to tackle those running salmon and steelhead.

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Saltwater Solution:

Tarpon Alley

The Tarpon Alley Combo is the perfect package if you're looking for an elegant wallet-friendly saltwater kit! Featuring our 9'0" 10WT Silvertip Traveler Fly Rod perfectly matched with our 9/10WT Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel. This package comes ready to roll with our 10WT Silvertip Saltwater Weight Forward Fly Line & Dacron backing.

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I recently purchased the Missouri River Rod Combo Kit and I am blown away by its quality and performance. The 9' 5WT rod is incredibly lightweight and responsive, making it a pleasure to cast. The included reel is smooth and quiet. Five stars all around!

Danny Thomas

Seattle, Wa