Missouri River Rod Combo Kit

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Meet the Missouri River Fly Rod Combo, a truly extraordinary ensemble that offers an elite casting experience for anglers of all skill levels. This comprehensive kit showcases our flagship Yellowstone II Fly Rod, furnishing you with the essentials to effortlessly conquer the world of fly fishing with dry flies and nymphs.

The 8'6" 5WT Yellowstone II Fly Rod at the heart of this combo stands as a paragon of casting accuracy and precision. Crafted for optimal performance, this rod ensures that you can achieve your fishing objectives with unprecedented ease. Whether you're casting across long distances or aiming for pinpoint accuracy in more constrained environments, this rod offers a versatile platform to execute your casts effectively.

The kit features a robust black Yellowstone Grizzly 5/6WT reel that's not just aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly functional. Pre-spooled with our 20lb orange Silvertip DACRON backing and a specialized Silvertip Weight Forward 5WT Welded Loop Fly Line, this reel embodies the perfect synergy of strength and suppleness. From maintaining control during frenzied fish fights to enabling smooth line handling for nuanced casting, this reel covers all the bases.

To further enrich your fly fishing journey, we've included a 3 pack of our 4X Fluoroflex Fluorocarbon Leader. Known for its low visibility and high tensile strength, Fluoroflex ensures that you have the upper hand in those underwater stealth operations, leading to more fruitful catches.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran in the realm of fly fishing or a newcomer eager to dive in, the Missouri River Fly Rod Combo is designed to elevate your angling game. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable fishing adventure, because this kit brings the expertise of Jackson Hole Fly Company straight to your hands.


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Ideal For

Accuracy & Precision

The ultimate package for any angler looking for an exceptional casting experience! Featuring our top-of-the-line Yellowstone II Fly Rod, this package includes everything you need to tackle dry flies and nymphs with ease.

Yellowstone II Fly Rod

8'6" 5W constructed of IM8 graphite and include titanium line guides, Portuguese cork grips, and a look through burled maple reel seat that easily integrates with our Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reels.

Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel

CNC machined aluminum 5/6 Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reels are ergonomically designed and feature a refined lightweight arbor, improved fully-sealed drag clutch bearing, easy to use drag knob and excellent retrieval rates with less line coiling.

Jackson Hole Fly Company: Yellowstone Grizzly 5/6 Reel
Jackson Hole Fly Company Missouri River Rod Combo Kit Rod/Reel Combo

Everything Else You Need To Go Fly Fishing!

The Missouri River fly rod combo kit comes with our Silvertip Weight Forward Fly Line, Silvertip Dacron Backing, Fluoroflex 4X Fluoroflex Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader, and a JHFLYCO sticker.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our Yellowstone & Silvertip Fly Rods come with a Lifetime Warranty and can be ordered in a variety of weights (3-10) and lengths (6'6"-9'0").

FLAT CREEK Yellowstone II 9'0" 5WT Portuguese Cork Handle Yellowstone Grizzly Gray 5/6 5WT Silvertip Weight Forward No Yes Versatile Solution for All Skill Levels
FALL CREEK Yellowstone II 7'0" 4WT Portuguese Cork Handle Yellowstone Grizzly Green 3/4 4WT Silvertip Weight Forward No Yes Lightweight Backpacking & Creeks
MISSOURI RIVER Yellowstone II 8'6" 5WT Portuguese Cork Handle Yellowstone Grizzly Black 5/6 5WT Silvertip Weight Forward Welded Loop No No Precision Casting for Dry Flies & Nymphs
MIRACLE MILE Yellowstone II 9'0" 6WT Portuguese Cork Handle Yellowstone Grizzly Gray 5/6 6WT Silvertip Weight Forward No No Greater Precision & Distance in the Elements
WHITE RIVER Yellowstone II 9'0" 7WT Portuguese Cork Handle Yellowstone Grizzly Green 7/8 7WT Silvertip 10' Sink Tip Weight Forward No No Maximum Casting Distance & Control for Streamers
KENAI RIVER Silvertip Traveler 9'0" 8WT Fighting Butt Handle Yellowstone Grizzly Gray 7/8 8WT Silvertip 10' Sink Tip Weight Forward Yes No Optimized for Salmon & Steelhead
TARPON ALLEY Silvertip Traveler 9'0" 10WT Fighting Butt Handle Yellowstone Grizzly Gray 9/10 10WT Silvertip Saltwater Weight Forward Yes No Affordable Saltwater Solution
CRYSTAL CREEK Silvertip 9'0" 5WT Standard Cork Handle Silvertip II Black 5/6 5WT Silvertip Weight Forward No Yes Low-cost, All-Inclusive & Designed for Aspiring Anglers
GRANITE CREEK Silvertip 7'0" 4WT Standard Cork Handle Silvertip II Black 3/4 4WT Silvertip Weight Forward No Yes Budget-friendly Complete Kit for Children & Smaller Beginners

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