Flat Creek Rod Combo Kit


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Get the only rod you'll ever need for just $590! This package features our most versatile fly rod, the 9-foot 5-weight Yellowstone II Rod along with our beautiful Yellowstone Grizzly Reel and all the accessories you need for a lifetime of fly fishing.


Yellowstone II Fly Rod 9' 5WT

Yellowstone Grizzly 5/6WT Green Fly Reel

Silvertip Weight Forward 5WT Chartreuse Fly Line

Silvertip Chartreuse Backing

Fluoroflex Fluorocarbon 4X Leader 3 Pack

Fluoroflex Fluorocarbon 4X Tippet

Extra Small Fly Box with 6 Flies: 1 x Elk Hair Caddis #14, 1 x Parachute Adams #14, 1 x Joe's Hopper #8, 1 x Beadhead Prince Nymph #14, 1 x Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail #12, 1 x Muddler Minnow #10

Thingamabobber With Jam-Stop 3/4" Strike Indicator Multicolor 5 Pack

Gel Float

Gold Loop Forcep

Leader Straightener

Premium Black Mini Zinger - Clip-On

JHFLYCO Brushed Nickel Tungsten Carbide Nipper