Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel

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Upgrade your fly fishing adventures with the Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel by Jackson Hole Fly Company. This meticulously crafted reel combines durability, precision, and unbeatable value, making it the perfect companion for diverse angling conditions. Constructed from CNC machined aluminum, it features an ergonomic design, a refined lightweight arbor, and an improved fully-sealed drag clutch bearing. With an easy-to-use drag knob and exceptional retrieval rates that minimize line coiling, this reel ensures a seamless fishing experience. Available in a variety of colors and weights, each Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel comes with a protective storage bag, offering both style and functionality. Jackson Hole Fly Company stands behind this exceptional reel, providing a lifetime of fishing memories at an unbeatable value.

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Ergonomic Design

Our Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel is crafted with precision using CNC machined aluminum to provide unbeatable durability and performance on the water. The reel's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and smooth operation, allowing for extended fishing sessions without fatigue.

Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel - cnc aluminum, reels, sealed drag | Jackson Hole Fly Company

Lightweight Arbor

The refined lightweight arbor design provides increased line capacity and faster line retrieval rates, giving you the advantage in any fishing situation. Whether you're casting for trout in a mountain stream or chasing salmon in a river, the Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel is built to handle it all with ease.

Improved Drag Clutch Bearing for Reliable Performance

The fully-sealed drag clutch bearing is one of the key features that sets the Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel apart. This improved design ensures reliable and consistent drag performance, even in harsh fishing conditions. With the fully-sealed bearing, you can trust that your reel will operate smoothly and protect your line and tippet from sudden jerks or snaps, ensuring a successful catch every time. Say goodbye to frustrating line slippage or uneven drag pressure - the Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel is designed to deliver a seamless and reliable drag system.

Jackson Hole Fly Company: Yellowstone Grizzly 5/6 Reel

Easy-to-Use Drag Knob & Line Management

The Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel features an easy-to-use drag knob that allows for precise adjustments to match your fishing needs. Whether you need to quickly change the drag setting during a fight or smoothly adjust it for delicate presentations, the drag knob on this reel provides smooth and responsive control. Additionally, the reel's design minimizes line coiling, reducing the chances of tangles and snags while casting or reeling in. This ensures a more efficient and enjoyable fishing experience, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the catch without worrying about line management issues.


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