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Top 5 Summer Hatches: What Flies You Need in Your Box

Summer is here, and for fly fishing enthusiasts, it’s the prime time to gear up with essential patterns that match the season’s top hatches. At Jackson Hole Fly Company, we understand that the right flies can transform your fishing experience from frustrating to unforgettable. Discover the top 5 summer hatches and learn which must-have flies to include in your box, complete with tips and techniques for each pattern.

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Topwater Thrills: Catch Explosive Strikes with the Gurgler
Summer is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate than by chasing topwater strikes with the Gurgler? This July, we're featuring this versatile and effective fly, perfect for bass and saltwater fishing. Discover its history, how to fish it, and explore variations like the Gurgler Saw and Gurgler Saw Frog for explosive summer action.
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Lanzamiento hacia el verano: una guía de selección de moscas de principios de temporada
Summer is here, signaling this exhilarating season of fly fishing and offering enthusiasts with abundant opportunities to enjoy this dynamic sport. Longer days and rising temperatures trigger significant changes in aquatic ecosystems, profoundly influencing fly selection for anglers of all skill levels. Rivers and lakes become hubs of activity, with prolific insect hatches drawing fish into feeding frenzies.
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