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The Splendid Sparkle Worm
Mastering the Art of Sparkle Worm Fishing The Sparkle Worm is a staple in every fly angler's arsenal. This eye-catching fly features a slender and realistic body made of synthetic materials that shimmer and sparkle in the water, enticing fish...
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The Incredible Egg & Wondrous Worms
As the snow melts and the temperature begins to rise, spring brings an exciting time for fly fishing. During this time, many fish species are gearing up for their spawning season, which means they are actively feeding and looking for food. One of the most effective techniques during this time is using egg and worm patterns.
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How to Use a San Juan Worm
Consistently consistent...but great after rain and in high water.Worm patterns are versatile and effective staple in the fly fishing world and can be used year-round, but are most effective after a big rain or in higher water. The San Juan Worm...
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