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From Chrysalis to Caddis
Understanding the life cycle of these unassuming creatures is integral to our practice as fly fishers. When we learn their patterns, we can more accurately mimic them, increasing our chances of making the perfect catch. So, this isn't just a lesson in entomology—it's a guide to being a more effective, more knowledgeable angler.
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Fly of the Month - The Irresistible Chubby Chernobyl

As the summer heats up and the trout are aggressively feeding on the surface, there's no better time to spotlight the "Chubby Chernobyl" fly. This versatile, buoyant pattern has a strong reputation for reeling in those hard-to-get catches in a variety of conditions.

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The Splendid Sparkle Worm
Mastering the Art of Sparkle Worm Fishing The Sparkle Worm is a staple in every fly angler's arsenal. This eye-catching fly features a slender and realistic body made of synthetic materials that shimmer and sparkle in the water, enticing fish...
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