Choose the length and weight of the Yellowstone II Fly Rod you need, the weight and color of the Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel that matches the rod weight, the color and weight of the Silvertip Fly Line that matches the reel and your backing color to complete your combo. To get you on the water a little faster the reel is shipped spooled with the backing and fly line. You can find all the other necessary fly fishing tools, accessories and flies in our Fly Shop.

Yellowstone Fly Rods

Affordable Quality

Our flagship fast-action fly rod called the Yellowstone II is made from the finest materials available and manufactured under our strict standards to meet the demands of fly fishers who require superb quality at an affordable price. These rods are constructed of IM8 graphite and include titanium line guides, Portuguese cork grips, and a look-through burled maple reel seat that easily integrates with our Yellowstone Grizzly Reel.

Burled Maple Reel Seat

The burled maple used in this reel seat is harvested from the burl, or growth, of the maple tree, resulting in a highly sought-after wood that is both durable and visually stunning. The intricate patterns and colors of the burled maple make each reel seat one-of-a-kind, adding a touch of personalized style to the rod.

Titanium Line Guides

The line guides in the Yellowstone II rod are made from high-quality, lightweight titanium that can withstand the wear and tear of repeated use. They are resistant to corrosion and rust, allowing them last longer and maintain their smooth surface, reducing friction on the line during casting and retrieval. This allows for longer, more accurate casts and can help prevent tangles or snags in the line.

Portuguese cork hand grip detail from a Yellowstone Fly Rod.

Portuguese Cork Grips

Our Portuguese Cork Grips are highly resistant to moisture, which means that the grip will maintain its shape and resist decay over time, even with regular use in wet conditions. This allows for a more comfortable and secure grip, reducing the chance of slippage during casting or retrieval.

Yellowstone Grizzly Reels

Tested Reliability

Our CNC-machined aluminum Yellowstone Grizzly fly fishing reels are ergonomically designed and feature a refined lightweight arbor, improved fully-sealed drag clutch bearing, easy-to-use drag knob, and excellent retrieval rates with less line coiling. They provide exceptional value at a great price.

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