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Chartreuse/ Kreelex DNA Clouser


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The "Chartreuse/Kreelex DNA Clouser" fly is a highly effective and versatile pattern, blending the attractive features of the classic Clouser Minnow with the reflective qualities of Kreelex and DNA fibers. This fly is designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, targeting a wide range of species including bass, trout, pike, and various saltwater game fish.

The key feature of this fly is its vibrant chartreuse color, combined with the shimmering Kreelex and DNA fibers. These materials not only add a flash that mimics the scales of small baitfish but also create a lifelike movement in the water. The fly typically has a dumbbell eye, which not only adds weight for getting the fly down to the desired depth but also creates a jigging motion as the fly is retrieved, making it irresistible to predatory fish.

The Chartreuse/Kreelex DNA Clouser is tied on a sturdy hook to withstand aggressive strikes and battles with strong fish. Its streamlined profile allows for easy casting and reduces the likelihood of snagging on weeds or underwater structures.

This fly is particularly effective in murky or stained waters where its bright color and reflective properties stand out, making it easy for fish to spot. It's also a great choice in clearer waters, especially on overcast days or during low-light conditions like dawn and dusk.

Anglers fishing with the Chartreuse/Kreelex DNA Clouser can employ a variety of retrieves, from slow and steady to quick and erratic, depending on the behavior of the target species. This fly is a must-have in the fly box for anglers looking for a versatile and effective pattern that can attract a wide range of fish in different conditions.

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