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The JHFLYCO Standard Dry Fly Box is a comprehensive collection that epitomizes fly fishing readiness and versatility.The loaded fly box brings together a meticulously selected collection of eight standard dry fly patterns. Housed in a vibrant Chartreuse JHFLYCO Foam Fly Box, this assortment is engineered to tackle a wide range of fly fishing scenarios with unparalleled efficiency. Each pattern has been carefully chosen for its proven effectiveness across various fishing conditions, ensuring anglers are well-equipped to face a multitude of environments.


  • JHFLYCO Foam Fly Box - Chartreuse
  • 3x Elk Hair Caddis #14: A timeless favorite, the Elk Hair Caddis is a go-to for imitating adult caddisflies, a staple in the trout diet. Its buoyant elk hair and silhouette make it irresistible in fast-moving streams.

  • 3x Royal Wulff #12: The Royal Wulff, with its striking appearance and excellent visibility, serves as an all-around attractor fly that trout find hard to resist, making it a versatile choice for various water conditions.

  • 3x Parachute Adams #14: An essential pattern for any fly angler, the Parachute Adams is designed to mimic a wide variety of aquatic insects. Its parachute design ensures it sits flush on the water, making it highly effective during hatchings.

  • 3x Parachute Hopper #10: Perfect for late summer when grasshoppers are abundant, the Parachute Hopper tempts fish with its realistic profile and enticing movement on the water's surface.

  • 3x Yellow Sally #12: Ideal for targeting trout feeding on stoneflies, the Yellow Sally stands out with its vibrant color and lifelike silhouette, effective in both fast and slow-moving waters.

  • 3x Black/Purple (Knockout) Chubby Chernobyl #10: The Chubby Chernobyl is a versatile pattern that works great as a hopper imitation, stonefly, or even as an attractor pattern, with its distinctive silhouette and dual-color scheme adding to its effectiveness.

  • 3x UV Para Purple Haze #14: Incorporating UV materials for added visibility, the Para Purple Haze is a modern twist on the classic attractor pattern, excellent for dusk or dawn fishing when light is low.

  • 3x Extended Body Olive Para Drake #12: Mimicking the larger mayflies, this pattern features an extended body and a parachute post for stability and visibility, ideal for selective trout in slower sections of the river.

This collection is designed not just for its functionality but also for its aesthetic appeal, making it a standout addition to any angler’s arsenal. Whether you’re facing the hatch on a serene mountain stream or challenging the currents of a rugged river, the JHFLYCO Standard Dry Fly Box provides a comprehensive selection to ensure you’re prepared for any situation. Perfect for both seasoned fly fishers and those new to the sport, this loaded fly box is your ticket to a successful day on the water.

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